Polylimnio, tropical Greece

polylimnioFor years we’ve heard of Polylimnio but for some reason or another we never had the chance to visit this fabulous place. Although we’ve been nearby a few times, it was never the right season to stop by it as it was too cool to swim. But finally the right time arrived and and we reached this beautiful spot of Greece. It’s not exaggerated to say that Polilimnio is a tropical paradise, only thirty kilometers from Kalamata!

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Discovering Marathon

Marathon could be easily used as a case study in the field of tourism highlighting the paradoxes of fame. Who doesn’t know the 42km race, today an Olympic sport, commemorating the run of the Athenian messenger who brought the news of victory against the Persians in the Battle of Marathon (490 BC)… This site, although quite interesting, is still unknown to most of the travelers who visit Athens. Let’s see what they miss… Read more



Athens Urban Gallery

ateneWe spent a day strolling through the narrow streets of downtown Athens and we present you why Greece’s capital is currently considered the Mecca of street art in Europe. Far from being vandals, the Greek street artists have converted the dull city walls into an open-air gallery. Of course it’s not about embellishment. They use vivid colors and create strange shapes to express their anger and  to raise awareness on social issues. Enjoy their artworks!

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