Camper Stop Zoukas and close by beaches

Arilla, Zoukas camper stop
igoumenitsaIn this post we travel along the last stretch of coast to get to Igoumenitsa and we visit a camper stop at Zoukas taverna, conveniently located less than 40km from the port, on the beach of Arilla.
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The castle of Ali Pasha

Parga, Anthoussa, Agia, Ali Pasha Castle
ammoudiaJust outside Parga, on a hill with a strategic view, you can visit the remains of the small castle of Ali Pasha, also known as Castle of Ayia or of Anthoussa. Entry is free and it is better to carry a flashlight to be able to better explore the corridors and the darkest halls.

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Acheron Springs

Le sorgenti dell' Acheronte
acheronThe springs of Acheron river are a wonderful destination for nature lovers and for those who are interested in seeing a face of Greece a bit different from the usual postcards. This is not the place where the mythological river is born, but a stretch easy to reach, along which many small springs flow into the already formed river.

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