Cape Sounion and stopovers around it

Greece, Cape Sounion, Poseidon temple
The temple of Poseidon at sunset is one of the most typical postcards from Greece and also one of the top-selling tours for tourists visiting Athens. The sunset is undeniably spectacular and it would be a shame to leave Attica and miss it even if, from a photographer’s point of view, the temple is just as interesting in the morning. Luckily near the temple there are several places to spend the night, to suit all tastes.

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Information about wild camping in Greece !

no_campingIt may sounds odd but this post is the only one which is not based on our personal experience. We are traveling and almost exclusively wild camping all over Greece for the last 10 years and we NEVER encountered any kind of problem with the police authorities. Lately we hear more and more about cases where the Greek police issued citations for illegal camping, not just fines and penalties but calls for a trial in a Justice of the Peace Court. We tried to understand what happened and what one can do to protect oneself. Here are our findings… Read more



Pasta a la grecque


We take advantage of our presence in Greece to try new flavors combining the Greek with the Italian cuisine. The result is Italian-inspired dishes made with locally sourced products that are easy to find almost everywhere in Greece. It is definitely worth a try given that there are simple recipes, ideal for the limited space of our RV kitchens! Read more