Crete, Falasarna mythical beach and camper stop

Crete, Falaserna
falasernaWe finally arrive at the famous beach and there we find a nice surprise. The restaurant Perigiali, perfectly located that operates also as a camper stop, or a “tavern stop” phenomenon more and more widespread in Greece to cover the lack of dedicated facilities for motorhomers.

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Thessaloniki: free stopovers and a camper stop

Greece, Thessaloniki
thessalonikiI love Thessaloniki, really, but driving around and parking is a nightmare! The only way to avoid it is to arrive in the evening, after the shops close and park in strategic locations close to the center. Alternatively, you can stop in Kalamaria, on the sea and move around by public transport or use the free RV area, 18km in the direction of Chalkidiki.

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Camper Stop Zoukas and close by beaches

Arilla, Zoukas camper stop
igoumenitsaIn this post we travel along the last stretch of coast to get to Igoumenitsa and we visit a camper stop at Zoukas taverna, conveniently located less than 40km from the port, on the beach of Arilla.
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