Discovering Marathon

Marathon could be easily used as a case study in the field of tourism highlighting the paradoxes of fame. Who doesn’t know the 42km race, today an Olympic sport, commemorating the run of the Athenian messenger who brought the news of victory against the Persians in the Battle of Marathon (490 BC)… This site, although quite interesting, is still unknown to most of the travelers who visit Athens. Let’s see what they miss… Read more



Crete, West of Chania

Crete, Agioi Apostoli
chaniaWe begin our journey to the west of Chania. First destination of our trip is the famous beach Falassarna, but before we get there we stopped to visit a stopover spot near Chania, three campsites that we met on our way and a special monument …

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Olympia, the birthplace of a great idea

olympia_epitalioOlympia needs no introductions. Is not by chance one of the most visited archaeological sites in Greece and although its magic is a bit ruined by the rhythms of the tourism industry, is absolutely the place to see.

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