At Europe’s borders: Mikri Doxipara’s Tumulus

doxiparaThis is another site that archeology lovers should not miss. The excavations are not yet completed, but the site is accessible and entrance is free. And if luck helps, you may get a guided tour by one of the archaeologists who work there …
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At Europe’s borders: Oil Wrestling

hilgia_bannerroussa_mapThose who are lucky enough to attend one of the two Turkish wrestling (Oil Wrestling) festivals held in northern Greece, will definitely have the impression to have crossed the borders of Europe long ago… this ancient Turkish-Persian tradition remained in Greece as an inheritance Ottoman invasion.

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At Europe’s borders: Dadia’s National Park

Greece, Thrace, Evros. Dadia forest
dadiaThe National Park of Dadia is another gem for naturalists and especially for birdwatchers, but also for the less enthusiasts it is an unmissable opportunity to observe rare raptures, like the black vulture, in their natural environment.
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