Elona monastery and Kosmas

Greece, Peloponnese, Elona Monastery
Coming from Leonidio, on the road to visit the byzantine fortified town of Mistras, we make a stop at the impressive monastery of Elona, and then at the mountainous (over one thousand meters of altitude!) village of Kosmas, where we discover an oasis of coolness. It could be a perfect spot in case you want to escape summer heat…

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The ‘spatial’ museum of Tegea

Greece, Tegea Museum
mapThis is was the real surprise of this trip: in a small village a few kilometers from Tripoli, we found a museum that I can easily define one of the best small museums I’ve ever seen! The exhibits are the ‘usual archaeological finds of the area, but the lighting and layout of the museum are perfect If you happen to pass by there, it’s well worth a visit. Not be missed! Read more



Moni Filosofou

Moni FIlosofou
stemnitsaAs we were in Dimitsana, we took the chance to visit another monastery, Moni Filosofou, which is actually two: a recent one, built in the mid-seventeenth century and an older one in complete ruin, dated 936. Also in this case, it is not easy to get there. The road is narrow and you have to walk a bit, but for the more adventurous is definitely a destination to consider.

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