The Komboloi and its museum

Nafplion, Museo del Komboloi
nafplionWalking through the narrow streets of the old town of Nafplion, I realized that there are a lot of stores and workshops dedicated to Komboloi, that sort of rosary that you see very often in the hands of Greek men. So when I found myself passing in front of the ‘Museum of the Komboloi’, I could not resist the temptation and I had to get in and have a look around…
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Two suggestions for alternative archeology!

La piramide di Elliniko
argosThe Mycenaean cemetery of Dendron, close to Tiryns and the Pyramid at Ellinikon, close to Argos, are two alternative archaeological sites, with very few visitors, free to entry and quite interesting.

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Mycenae and Tiryns, two classical stopovers

Micene, Il tesoro di Atreo o tomba di Agamennone
mycenaeTraveling in the Peloponnese and not visiting Mycenae feels almost like a mortal sin. Very few have heard about Tiryns, but since it is mentioned in all tourist guides, most people feel that they have to stop there. Despite of their great historical value there is not much left to see…
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