Athens, National Glyptotheque and a stopover

Athens, National Glyptotheque
ateneIf you are looking for ‘hidden gems’ in Athens, this is a place to consider. It is one of the lesser known spots but worth visiting, especially if you call yourself art lover or you just want to gain a quick insight into the contemporary Greek art, sculpture and painting. The museums are located a bit far from the city center, but close to a metro station. Extra bonuses: a pedestrian bridge by Calatrava on your way and a parking that would be convenient as a stopover.

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Athens Urban Gallery

ateneWe spent a day strolling through the narrow streets of downtown Athens and we present you why Greece’s capital is currently considered the Mecca of street art in Europe. Far from being vandals, the Greek street artists have converted the dull city walls into an open-air gallery. Of course it’s not about embellishment. They use vivid colors and create strange shapes to express their anger and  to raise awareness on social issues. Enjoy their artworks!

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Athens, Benaki Museum

If you don’t want to ‘waste’ your precious time once in Athens hopping from one museum to another, but you are still interested in getting a first-hand insight into Greece’s rich cultural past, yes, there is hope for you too! All you have to do is visit the main Benaki Museum. It could be described as the synopsis of the Greek museums, exhibiting artifacts from prehistoric times to the 20th century. The most important: every Thursday it is open till mid-night with free entrance! Read more