Pyli, in the shadow of Meteora

Greece, Trikala, Pili
piliPyli is located less than 20 kilometers west of Trikala, but usually remains cut off from the routes of motorhomers, more interested in seeing Meteora. In my opinion, hovering near, it is a shame not to make the detour and lose this almost unknown corner of Greece, which by the way is well suited for a stopover for the night.

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Kastraki, St. George of the handkerchiefs

Greece, Meteora, Kastraki, Mandilas
meteoraThe St George’s Day, in Kastraki, the village attached to the rocks of Meteora, is a big celebration, following a tradition that comes from the times of the Turkish occupation. The youth of the village climb to the cave of the miraculous Agios Georgios Mandilas (of the veil or the handkerchief) to collect what remains of the handkerchiefs from the year before and to tie new ones.
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Meteora, the seventh monastery

Greece, Meteora, Ypapantis Monastery
meteoraThey are only a few who go to visit Ypapantis, the seventh monastery of Meteora. The cause is that it is not easily accessible and that it opens only once a year (February 2), all other days can only be admired from the outside. For those who want to take a walk in the outdoors it is a great opportunity …

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