Cape Sounion and stopovers around it

Greece, Cape Sounion, Poseidon temple
The temple of Poseidon at sunset is one of the most typical postcards from Greece and also one of the top-selling tours for tourists visiting Athens. The sunset is undeniably spectacular and it would be a shame to leave Attica and miss it even if, from a photographer’s point of view, the temple is just as interesting in the morning. Luckily near the temple there are several places to spend the night, to suit all tastes.

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Lavrion and surroundings

On our way to Sounion, to the world famous and heavily visited by tourists Temple of Poseidon, we decided to stop by the ‘unknown’ Lavrion where we finally spent a wonderful evening pretending to be explorers in search of ancient tombs and then visiting one of the oldest theaters of ancient civilization in Greece! Lavrion proved to be very welcoming also for an overnight stop, being only 8 km away of the Temple…

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Discovering Marathon

Marathon could be easily used as a case study in the field of tourism highlighting the paradoxes of fame. Who doesn’t know the 42km race, today an Olympic sport, commemorating the run of the Athenian messenger who brought the news of victory against the Persians in the Battle of Marathon (490 BC)… This site, although quite interesting, is still unknown to most of the travelers who visit Athens. Let’s see what they miss… Read more