The ‘spatial’ museum of Tegea

Greece, Tegea Museum
mapThis is was the real surprise of this trip: in a small village a few kilometers from Tripoli, we found a museum that I can easily define one of the best small museums I’ve ever seen! The exhibits are the ‘usual archaeological finds of the area, but the lighting and layout of the museum are perfect If you happen to pass by there, it’s well worth a visit. Not be missed! Read more



Discovering Marathon

Marathon could be easily used as a case study in the field of tourism highlighting the paradoxes of fame. Who doesn’t know the 42km race, today an Olympic sport, commemorating the run of the Athenian messenger who brought the news of victory against the Persians in the Battle of Marathon (490 BC)… This site, although quite interesting, is still unknown to most of the travelers who visit Athens. Let’s see what they miss… Read more



Athens, National Glyptotheque and a stopover

Athens, National Glyptotheque
ateneIf you are looking for ‘hidden gems’ in Athens, this is a place to consider. It is one of the lesser known spots but worth visiting, especially if you call yourself art lover or you just want to gain a quick insight into the contemporary Greek art, sculpture and painting. The museums are located a bit far from the city center, but close to a metro station. Extra bonuses: a pedestrian bridge by Calatrava on your way and a parking that would be convenient as a stopover.

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