Lacoste, Pierre Cardin and marquis De Sade

France, Lacoste
europe_franceYou might wonder what those names have in common but there is an answer: Lacoste is a village in Provence, nothing to do with the clothing brand, and the residence for a few years of marquis de Sade; his chateau became later the property of Pierre Cardin, along with half of the village buildings… Read more



Carpentras & Pernes les Fontaines

France, Pernes les Fontaines
europe_franceWe visit Carpentras on a Friday morning, to go to the weekly market, known as the largest and the most important of the entire Provence but also to take advantage of the nearby camper stop where we discover how well-organized and friendly the French are towards motorhomes! Sunday morning we enjoy the truffle festival in Pernes les Fontaines, another lovely, quaint village… Read more



On the way to Berlin

Switzerland, Lugano
europe_switzerlandWe leave the Lake of Como heading for Berlin, where we plan to arrive the first week of January; on our way up north we are going to visit some friends in Lugano and Bregenz. Afterwards we continue our drive defying the weather, knowing that most likely it won’t be favorable. What is life without a little adventure? ;)

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