Les Baux de Provence and Arles

France, Les Baux-de-Provence
europe_franceOn our way to Arles, we come by Les-Baux-de-Provence one of the most visited places by tourists in France equal to Mont Saint-Michel! Seen from afar it is definitely impressive though when you come closer, you start seeing that it is another ghost town / museum. Short walk and then, finally, we arrive at our beloved city.

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Lacoste, Pierre Cardin and marquis De Sade

France, Lacoste
europe_franceYou might wonder what those names have in common but there is an answer: Lacoste is a village in Provence, nothing to do with the clothing brand, and the residence for a few years of marquis de Sade; his chateau became later the property of Pierre Cardin, along with half of the village buildings… Read more



Riolo Terme

Italy, Riolo Terme
If you are in the surrounding area of Faenza, this is a place that deserves to be visited. Riolo Terme usually remains in the shadow of the most famous nearby Brisighella, maybe because it doesn’t have that much to offer to the tourists. Nevertheless it is a nice fortified village where you can spend a pleasant half-day, plus the fact that it is also an excellent choice and a quiet place to spend a night.

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