Mycenae and Tiryns, two classical stopovers

Micene, Il tesoro di Atreo o tomba di Agamennone
mycenaeTraveling in the Peloponnese and not visiting Mycenae feels almost like a mortal sin. Very few have heard about Tiryns, but since it is mentioned in all tourist guides, most people feel that they have to stop there. Despite of their great historical value there is not much left to see…

Micene, Il tesoro di Atreo o tomba di AgamennoneMicene, Il tesoro di Atreo o tomba di AgamennoneMycenae archaeological site is divided in two. The Treasury of Atreus, also known as Tomb of Agamemnon, an impressive circular chamber (tholos) tumb, and the citadel, with the famous Lion Gate and not much more to see, beside the huge stones of the walls and wonder how did they manage to manage them in ancient time. The museum do not add much, it is obviusly dated with obsolete displays and lighting.
The entry to both sites is 8€ for adults and free for under 18s. Opening hours are 8-17 in Summer and 8-15 in low season. Motorhomes can be easily parked in the big space in front of the site’s entry.
Micene, Il tesoro di Atreo o tomba di Agamennone
The Tomb of Agamemnon [N 37.727446, E 22.754353]
Micene, Il tesoro di Atreo o tomba di AgamennoneMicene, Il tesoro di Atreo o tomba di Agamennone
Micene, la porta dei leoni
The Lion Gate [N 37.73081, E 22.754163]
Micene, il sito archeologicoMicene, il sito archeologicoMicene, il sito archeologico
Micene, tomba dei LeoniMicene, tomba dei Leoni
Micene, tomba dei Leoni
The tomb of the Lions, close to the museum.
Micene, tomba dei Leoni
Micene, museo archeologicoMicene, museo archeologicoMicene, museo archeologico
Above the museum, below the souvenir shop.
Micene, negozio di souvenir del museoMicene, negozio di souvenir del museo
FichtiFor the night we choose to stop at Fikthi, in front of the old train station [N 37.71983, E 22.72655]. Close to Mycenae, quite and with useful small supermarket.


Tirinto, sito archeologicoA fortress an the side of the main Argos to Nafplion Road. Open from 8-19 in Summer and 8-15 in low season. Entry costs 3€ and there is not much to see, beside walking around looking at the cyclopic stones of the walls, enjoying the beautiful view on the castle of Nafplion and… nothing else!
[N 37.60111, E 22.79928]
On the road to Argos there is a AB supermarket [N 37.62296, E 22.75176]
Tirinto, sito archeologicoTirinto, sito archeologico
Tirinto, sito archeologico

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Two campsites at Mycenae
Two suggestions for alternative archeology!
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