Village des Bories & Roussillon

France, Roussillon
europe_franceFrom Gordes we went to visit one of the great attractions of the area, the historic village of Bories. For those who know the trulli in Puglia or the mitata of Creta is not anything to rave about, otherwise it is a nice place and it deserves a visit. For the night we moved to Roussillon, famous for its ochres where we attended a blessing of the vines ceremony

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Kastraki, St. George of the handkerchiefs

Greece, Meteora, Kastraki, Mandilas
meteoraThe St George’s Day, in Kastraki, the village attached to the rocks of Meteora, is a big celebration, following a tradition that comes from the times of the Turkish occupation. The youth of the village climb to the cave of the miraculous Agios Georgios Mandilas (of the veil or the handkerchief) to collect what remains of the handkerchiefs from the year before and to tie new ones.
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The gathering of the Sarakatsan

pertouliSarakatsan are an ethnic minority speaking Greek language, nomadic, present mainly in Greece and Bulgaria and in lesser numbers in Albania and Macedonia. Every year at the end of June, on a plateau in the mountains near Meteora, is held their most important gathering. Absolutely not touristic, it is a wonderful opportunity to take a dip in the tradition of this welcoming community.

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