The Devil’s Town

europe_serbiaWe had long wanted to visit this Cappadocian-style site of Serbia, conveniently situated just a few kilometers from the route we usually take to go from Greece to Italy. For some strange reason (call it bad weather…) we always had to postpone our visit. This time, we finally did it!

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Crete: Samaria Gorge

Crete, Samaria gorge hike
sougiaSamaria Gorge, is one of the most popular destinations in Crete. The hike itself is not very difficult, especially once you leave behind the stretch of steep descent at the beginning of the trail, but the path is long (the second in Europe, 16km) and crowded (up to 1500 people per day), which makes it quite tiring. But there is also an alternative for the lazy ones…
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Crete: The Gorge of Agia Irini

Crete, Agia Irini
sougiaAnother worthwhile excursion starting from Sougia is the hike of the gorge of Agia Irini. A seven kilometers path, easy and with excellent facilities to make the walk more enjoyable. Also in this case it is a great workout and lite resistance test before going for the Samaria Gorge.

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