Beyond Kalavrita, forests and rivers

Greece, Peloponnese, Planitero
mapWe were leaving Kalavryta having as final destination a village next to Tripoli where we’ve got a contract for a photo shoot. We had one free day to spend in the mountainous hinterland of Peloponnese. Our first choice was to visit the Spileo Limnon (Cave of the Lakes). Eventually we changed our plans and we didn’t regret at all.

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Crete: The cave of Zeus and a very special museum

Crete, Axos, Wooden sculpture museum
ideonOur journey continues heading further inland towards the foot of Mount Ida to visit Zeus’ cave. According to the Greek mythology, the Father of Gods spent his childhood there, in the middle of the island surrounded by clouds and peaks. We decided to stay a little longer in the mountains so we went to Axos village where we discovered the recently opened museum of wooden sculpture displaying works by local artist Yorgos Koutandos.

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Kastoria, the Dragon’s cave and other monsters

Greece, Kastoria
kastoriaStill persecuted by the rain, but at least lucky in that it was not Monday, day of closure of all the city’s museums, we decided to take advantage of the weather to visit first the ethnological museum, which really deserves to be seen, then the cave of the dragon, that has some interesting peculiarities and finally the municipal aquarium that since the rain did not stop, at least gave us a roof for at least another half hour!
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