Pylos, fortress and naval battles

Greece, Peloponnese, Pylos Castle

After Voidokilia we move to Pylos, known also as Navarino; its scenic bay was the setting of the famous battle of the same name. Besides being the main town of the area, Pylos also boasts an impressive castle, in excellent condition, but for some strange reason is largely ignored by visitors.

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Voidokilia, a super beach and a small secret

Greece, Peloponnese, Voidokilia Beach
Voidokilia is rightly considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Apart its extreme natural beauty, the beach is totally unspoiled; no construction is allowed near the beach, being part of a protected wildlife reserve. Of course it’s very popular during the peak season, but fortunately the crowds prefer to gather next to the parking lot. A few hundred meters afar there’s always a secluded strand of white sand. And there’s more!

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Polylimnio, tropical Greece

polylimnioFor years we’ve heard of Polylimnio but for some reason or another we never had the chance to visit this fabulous place. Although we’ve been nearby a few times, it was never the right season to stop by it as it was too cool to swim. But finally the right time arrived and and we reached this beautiful spot of Greece. It’s not exaggerated to say that Polilimnio is a tropical paradise, only thirty kilometers from Kalamata!

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