At Europe’s borders: Mikri Doxipara’s Tumulus

doxiparaThis is another site that archeology lovers should not miss. The excavations are not yet completed, but the site is accessible and entrance is free. And if luck helps, you may get a guided tour by one of the archaeologists who work there …

doxipara_04well … at least it happened to us and the enthusiasm and passion of our guide, turned a simple visit to an archaeological site into an experience to remember.
In the tumulus have been found the remains of three men and a woman, cremated and buried at the beginning of II c. A.D. it seems that they members of a local rich landowning family. Together with them, as a sign of wealth, were also buried the wagons and the horses used to transport the bodies, plus a number of other items used during the ceremony. All valuables items were taken and will be exhibited in the future museum of the site, but still you can see the remains of the wagons with their horses and the structure of the tomb with the crematorium.
The site is open from 7 to 14:30 in winter and from 7 to 17.00 in summer.
[GPS: N 41.518174 E 26.237725]

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