Pasta a la grecque


We take advantage of our presence in Greece to try new flavors combining the Greek with the Italian cuisine. The result is Italian-inspired dishes made with locally sourced products that are easy to find almost everywhere in Greece. It is definitely worth a try given that there are simple recipes, ideal for the limited space of our RV kitchens! Read more



Street food in Athens (the traditional way…)

Greece, Athens, Street Food, Ariston Tyropita
ateneTiropites, koulouria, loukoumades … Walking around the streets of Athens it’s hard not to notice the countless shops, bakeries, cafes, bars, plus street vendors selling tempting foodstuffs. As appealing as they may be, the fact that they are so many and various and that it’s not easy to identify the ingredients, it may discourage the less experienced, especially the vegetarians… It would be such a pity not to taste some!

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Penne with Yogurt and Onions

Pasta allo Yogurt
A marriage between pasta and oriental cuisine. Perhaps difficult to imagine, but the result is really interesting. The recipe is very easy to do, even if not very fast and only suited for onion lovers!
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