Euboea, beaches at their best

Greece, Euboea (Evia), Chiliadou beach
This is our last “sea session” for this trip and I have to say that it was definitely the best one. We had reached the central part of the island, always on the east coast facing the Aegean sea where we visited three beaches including the famous among Greek free-campers Chiliadou. But the biggest surprise was left for the end: a free of charge municipal camping next to a marvellous beach. It’s nice to feel welcome! Read more



Euboea, a few more beach options

Greece, Euboea (Evia), Cheromilos beach
We carry on our ‘beaches survey’ mission by exploring the eastern coast of southern Euboea, from Koskina to Kalamos. What we discovered: a series of nice, though not spectacular beaches, more or less perfect for a couple of days stopover, especially in case you are looking for peaceful holidays enjoying the sea and the sun.  A simple place, far away from mass tourism…

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Euboea, two beaches to be avoided!

Greece, Euboea (Evia), Limnionas beach
eubea_limnionasOnce we set foot in the beaches Limnionas and Armiriki we realised that they both belong to the category “love it or hate it”. We ‘hated’ it for the obvious reasons. Too much crowded, too much noisy… Yet you should bear in mind that our visit took place in the second week of August, so perhaps we exaggerate things a little! Anyway we moved to the next beach Zarakes which is not bad at all, less beautiful but much more suitable for longer stays.

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