Voidokilia, a super beach and a small secret

Greece, Peloponnese, Voidokilia Beach
Voidokilia is rightly considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Apart its extreme natural beauty, the beach is totally unspoiled; no construction is allowed near the beach, being part of a protected wildlife reserve. Of course it’s very popular during the peak season, but fortunately the crowds prefer to gather next to the parking lot. A few hundred meters afar there’s always a secluded strand of white sand. And there’s more!

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The byzantine town of Mystras

This archaeological site undoubtedly belongs to the “not to be missed” attractions of Peloponnese listed on the UNESCO heritage of humanity sites. It’s a deserted though intact byzantine town built uphill so be prepared for a good long walk uphill; it took us five hours to explore it, starting from the lower town to the ruined castle and back again. The main attraction are the many churches decorated with beautiful frescoes. A very well-spent morning!

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The ‘spatial’ museum of Tegea

Greece, Tegea Museum
mapThis is was the real surprise of this trip: in a small village a few kilometers from Tripoli, we found a museum that I can easily define one of the best small museums I’ve ever seen! The exhibits are the ‘usual archaeological finds of the area, but the lighting and layout of the museum are perfect If you happen to pass by there, it’s well worth a visit. Not be missed! Read more