Katakolo: Who would have thought?

Katakolo, technology museum
katakoloKatakolo is the Port of Olympia, where the cruise ships dock, vomiting hordes of tourists. The village as you can imagine is a collection of tourist shops, tourist taverns, tourist cafes … In short, not really exciting! But can it be a strategic stopover and more it houses two very specific museums, which may even make you change your mind about the origins of modern technology!

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Thermal Springs and Beaches of Kyllini

Kastro Kilinis, beach
kiliniBeautiful beach with possibility to stay overnight and enjoy some spectacular sunsets. Situated halfway between Patras and Olympia is a place to consider for a possible stop.
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Castle of Clermont (Chlemoutsi)

Kilini Castle (Clermont or Chlemoutsi or Castel Tornese)
kiliniFour names for a castle: Clermont (the original French name), Chlemoutsi (as the Greek mangled it), Castel Tornese (as the Venetians renamed it) and Kastro of Kilini to simplify. Whatever you call it is one of the best kept castles and of the few in Greece that date from the period of the Crusades.

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