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maniIn this second post we discover a little corner of marvelous sea at Porto Kayio, with a free parking lot offered by a tavern in exchange for a consumption and then we get to the southern point of the Peloponnese, taking a pleasant hike to get to the lighthouse.

Porto KayioIn the previous post we left off in Lagia. Continuing to the south for about 9 km, you will arrive at the junction that leads to Porto Kayio to the left and to the right continues south to get to Marmari and the archaeological site of Cape Tenaro. Already the view from the top is an excellent introduction to what lies ahead taking the descent towards the bay of Porto Kayio …
Porto Kayio
Porto KayioPorto Kayio

Arriving at the marina a sign indicates free parking for campers. In fact, the land belongs to the tavern Porto and although not mandatory, the best way to thank them is to have at least a beer there ;), however the location is perfect and the sea has a color you would not believe! [N 36.427084, E 22.486344]
Porto KayioPorto KayioPorto Kayio

From the end of the beach, a path will lead you in 5 minutes to the small church of Agios Nikolaos.
Porto Kayio, Ag. Nikolaos ChurchPorto Kayio, Ag. Nikolaos ChurchPorto Kayio, Ag. Nikolaos Church
Porto Kayio, Ag. Nikolaos Church

MarmariGoing back to the junction, take the left turn to cape Tenaro. After less than one kilometer there is a crossroads for Marmari. Beautiful beaches, nice village, but the road is very narrow and there is little chance to park. I do not recommend it, especially to bigger vehicles.

Instead we continue south until the end of the road. Just before arriving at Cape Tenaro, you pass in front of the village Kokkinogia, at the foot of which lies a beach that looks very beautiful, but reachable only by boat or taking a long path from the village.

At the car park of Cape Tenaro [N 36.402434, E 22.486293], a nice sign warns us that free camping is prohibited and here it is probably enforced since it is considered an archaeological site, so better not to make programs for an overnight stay.
Cape TenaroCape Tenaro

On the left we can go to visit the cave, considered one of the gates of Hades, called Hypnomandio, or the oracle of Hypnus (sleep) where there is really nothing to see, I would say that the bay and the beach on which it is located are much more impressive.
Cape TenaroCape Tenaro

Taking the path opposite the parking, you get to the ruins of the nearby church Asomaton, built on the ruins of an ancient temple of Poseidon using its stones. Funny that inside you will find, on a improvised altar, various offers.
Cape Tenaro
Cape TenaroCape TenaroCape Tenaro

Back at the car park, take the path on the right, which in about 45 minutes of walking will lead you to the lighthouse. After the first descent you’ll find a cove where many stop for a refreshing swim on the way back.
Cape TenaroCape Tenaro

A few hundred meters ahead you get to the Roman mosaics, beyond which the path approaches the coast with some absurd colors and then heads towards the lighthouse.
Cape TenaroCape Tenaro
Cape Tenaro
Cape Tenaro
Cape TenaroCape TenaroCape Tenaro

Cape TenaroAnd here is the most southerly point of mainland Greece and for just a few dozens of meters it could have been be also of continental Europe…

Beneath the impressive view on the path of return.
Cape Tenaro

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Mani Peninsula: The East Coast
Mani Peninsula: the South Ovest
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  1. Ciao Massimo,

    Nice website.
    I would like to visit Tenaros Lighthouse. Should I be aware of snakes? Any tips?

    Thank you.

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