Pelion: The west coast

pelionThe peninsula of Pelion has the characteristic of combining sea and mountain. For motorhomers parking is definitely easier by the sea and with a little luck, as in our case, you can still easily swim in mid-October.

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Pelion: De Chirico’s little train

pelionA different kind of day, spent by taking a trip on the little train of Pelion, designed in the late 1800s by the father of the famous painter Giorgio De Chirico, who was born in Volos during the construction of this short railroad.
And these images of his childhood influenced him remarkably, making the trains one of the recurring symbols in his paintings.
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Pelion: three west villages

Agios Vlassis
pelionI’ll interrupt the series of posts about my summer trip, to publish the most current tour I just completed in the area of Pelion, in what is probably the best season to visit. The colors of autumn combined with a still splendid sea, without tourists around and full freedom to stop wherever you want.

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