Pyli, in the shadow of Meteora

Greece, Trikala, Pili
piliPyli is located less than 20 kilometers west of Trikala, but usually remains cut off from the routes of motorhomers, more interested in seeing Meteora. In my opinion, hovering near, it is a shame not to make the detour and lose this almost unknown corner of Greece, which by the way is well suited for a stopover for the night.

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Chasing Bridges !

Greece, Spileo, Portitsa Bridge
pontiWe move further south, hoping to get away from the bad weather. Before arriving at Meteora we decide to go and visit some stone bridges that seem to be not to be missed. The whole central Greece is littered with bridges built in stone and usually in very suggestive positions, that of Portitsa, a few meters from the mouth of a gorge, is considered one of the most beautiful in the country.

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Pelion: De Chirico’s little train

pelionA different kind of day, spent by taking a trip on the little train of Pelion, designed in the late 1800s by the father of the famous painter Giorgio De Chirico, who was born in Volos during the construction of this short railroad.
And these images of his childhood influenced him remarkably, making the trains one of the recurring symbols in his paintings.
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