Camping Simos (video)

elafonissosThe campsite Simos is a forced choice for those who want to stay in Elafonissos and as often happens with monopolies, it leaves much to be desired. But all in all, it’s not that hard to swallow. Besides, the camping is next to one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece (and it’s just for a few nights…)

simos_03Let’s start with the positive side of things: great location, practically on the beach, friendly staff, well stocked mini-market with reasonable prices (e.g. we found a decent organic white wine in plastic bottle that costs 3.70 €/ the one-and-a-half liter), relatively clean bathrooms, free shuttle service to go to town for shopping or dining.
The prices are not so exaggerated, considering the “exclusivity” factor . As a matter of fact, the campsite offers one free night for every 3 stayed, which could end up being relatively cheap! (N.B. the special offer is not available from15 July to 20 August…)

But, there are some inconveniences too.
1. there is total lack of shade so at peak season you feel like you are camping in a parking lot.
2. safety issues. The campsite gives free parking during daytime to swimmers with the result that a lot of people come and go without any control. OK, I agree that we are on an island after all, where crime does not exist, but it didn’t look very nice
3. the drainage for both gray and black waters is dirty and very malfunctional. The cassette toilets should be emptied into the toilet bowl that you see in the picture. When I lifted the lid, the liquid level (and not just that) was on the edge of disaster. I asked at the reception and they gave me the impression that it happens quite often. If you try to drain your gray and black water tanks directly to the sewer system, you will find out that when your RV is above the manhole, the cover cannot be opened. If you open the cover before, then you must do outrageous maneuvers trying not to fall into it! Maybe I missed something. If someone wants would like to help me on this…

In conclusion: definitely it is not the perfect campsite, but it is located in an exceptional area. Furthermore for those who want to spent a few days there, it is the only possible solution to avoid unnecessary quarrels with the police. For those who are just passing by, there is always the solution to leave their RV on the mainland, as described in the previous post.

Elafonissos... what a sea to swim in!
Kythira, Chora and Kapsali
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