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parcheggi_acropoli_00Driving a motorhome in the center of Athens is an adventure: traffic, parking problems, chaos … But even so, it is not impossible, indeed one can even, with a little luck and maybe the help of a GPS, get to park easily and safely under the Acropolis … as the saying goes, fortune favors the brave!

Acropolis Parking

parcheggi_acropoli_07parcheggi_acropoli_08Left you can see the parking which is exactly opposite the entrance to the Acropolis.
It is actually the parking lot of a restaurant (Dionysos) and it is managed by his valets. There is not a flat fee and you do not need to be a customer of the restaurant, for whom there is a reserved area.
If there are vacancies, just agree with the valet and the game is done, with a tip of 10 euro you can have your motorhome parked under the Parthenon.
In August and weekdays (Sunday may be clogged by the Athenians) is quite likely to find an empty slot. If, however, it had to be an unlucky day, there are other options in the immediate vicinity.
[ GPS: N 37.969373 E 23.723179 ]

Filoppapou St.

I would only recommend this to smaller motorhomes, for which however, can be a good solution. It is a exclusively residential street parallel to the peripheral of Filoppapou hill. Proceeding towards the end of the street (see map below) it is usually relatively easy to find parking. It is literally a stone’s throw from the acropolis and is considered a safe area*.
[ GPS: N 37.964801 E 23.718954 ]

Dora Stratou Theater Parking

parcheggi_acropoli_04Located on the peripheral of Filoppapou hill, it is almost always empty and is often used by small tourist buses. The passing by of people and cars makes it quite safe* from potential thieves. If the theater is open you can take one of the paths that cross the hill to get to the Acropolis. See map below. The incline makes it suitable only for parking.
[ GPS: N 37.966497 E 23.715802 ]

Tourist coaches Parking

Continuing on the peripheral (see map below) you get to another clearing where parking is allowed. A few dozen meters ahead on the side of the road, parking is allowed also to coach. Here it is easy to find a place to park large motorhomes. The traffic of the road and the comings and goings of coaches and drivers also make this safe location*.
[ GPS: N 37.969373 E 23.715065 ]
[ GPS: N 37.970785 E 23.715523 ]

parcheggi_acropoli_03From these parkings is easy to take one of the trails that go through the hills of Filoppapou (photo) and lead to the entrance of the Acropolis. It is a pleasant 15min. walk in the middle of the green and ancient rocks.

* A note on safety: as in all large cities, in Athens too, the risk of finding a broken window is there. Although the positions I indicated for parking feel safe enough for me to park there myself, it is obvious that I can not guarantee the safety for your vehicles and I cannot assume responsibility if some accident should occur.
With respect to security also read the related article.

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