Adventure in Magenta

Italy, Magenta
italia_lombardiaWhile we’re on the road it turns out that we have a leakage in the gas circuit and another one in the water heater. As we’re close to Milan without knowing any specialized repair shop, we think that it will be a good idea to go to the ‘renowned’ Camping Sports Magenta to solve the problems. What a big mistake!

We were not so concerned for the gas leakage – the cold was not that bad yet to need the heating system and we could spend a few days without the fridge. But when we discovered the loss of water, we called immediately the Camping Sports Magenta, explaining that we were on the road and asking if they could solve the problem urgently. They responded very gently that we could pass by the next morning and that they would do everything possible to repair our camper van. That said, we decided to get in the parking (with camping services) next to their store before dark and to sleep there [45.47847,8.88788], so that we could go in the morning as soon as they open the doors of the garage.

We arrived at 9:00 punctual at the reception of the repair shop. Things started bad with the ‘good morning’ There were no appointment! I explained (again) the situation to the unfriendly employee, who with an attitude of doing me a favor, agreed to at least try one diagnosis to understand the extent of damage, even if it was very unlikely that it would be resolved in one day!

He registered our data on the computer and when he asked me what was the problem we said naively that perhaps it would be better if we were talking directly with the technician who will take care to explain a couple of peculiarities of our gas system just to make things easier He looked at us like if we were Martians and he answered that this was absolutely out of question. The only thing that we can do is to leave the keys and he’d call me when there will be news.

Now I wonder, if you call for a plumber to your house and he tells you to leave the keys and go for a ride, and that he will call you when he has finished, would it sound normal? I don’t think so…

However we had no choice so we took a few things from our camper van and we went for a ride. Fortunately the adjacent store has a lot of useful items for motorhomes. Practically it t is impossible to leave without buying something;)

As we were wandering around the corridors of the ‘super market’ Massimo realized that he has forgotten his glasses in the camper. We said to ourselves that there is no way to ask permission to go and take them. It was at this precise moment that we saw from the windows of the store our small camper parked in the courtyard, that was open to everybody. We saw also someone inside (the technician) who pulled out our shoes and other personal objects to make his way to the water heater… We decided then to go out and to reach our camper. When we arrived, the technician was gone leaving behind him all the doors of our ‘house’ widely open. We waited for a few minutes but no one came so we decided to leave. Of course before doing that, we stole” Massimo’s glasses from our camper undisturbed. I repeat that the camper was open and that the courtyard was open to everyone.
We came back in the super market and from time to time we took a look to see how the work proceeded. When we finally saw that the technician close the doors of our camper we decided to go and ask for news. The answer is that it was almost ready, they should just make the final checks and to not worry. They will call us when they are ready!

We continued our tour to the corridors of the super market, that by now we knew by heart. After half an hour we went out to get some fresh air and we saw our motorhome parked outside the reception. Wouldn’t they have to call us? Anyway, we went to the employee who tells us that the camper is ready! The gas leak was due to some loose clamps. They had lubricated the valves of the fridge and of the kitchen which had hardened. For the loss of the water there is nothing to do. Excuse me?. Unfortunately, the problem was not on the tube that carries cold water, as it might seem, but it is the pot boiler that it is punctured. The only solution is to change everything… There is also a possibility to repair it but they don’t do it.

I asked them if they have a new water heater and they answered that of course they do, only it costs around 500 EUR! Evidently they thought it unnecessary to ask if by chance I had wanted to replace it What a nice attitude!

Italy, Magenta

Massimo payed the bill  (it was € 100) and took the camper. We stopped in the parking lot to control the problem with the water heater … There we realized that the chest of the water heater was flooded! The ‘genius’ technician not only didn’t solve the loss, but he had also left the water pump on! We simply couldn’t believe it…
Disgusted by the incompetence and superficiality, Massimo emptied the water circuit and changed the pipes in order to bypass the water heater. At least this way we both stopped the loss and we could use the water until we can find a solution. It took him ten minutes.
We regret our 100 € that at the end we paid for a bit of spray leak detection and a couple of bands. Looking at the bill we noticed that they charged for “4 hours labor”. Four hours? It was not possible because we came in at 9 o’clock (when they opened) and we finished at 12:03. … More and more disgusted we left without the possibility to complain because they were closed for lunch break…
In any case we think that It is useless to fight with this kind of enterprises.. The only useful thing that came out from this adventure is that we will avoid as much as possible the large garages. 

Italy, Magenta

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