Winter in the Peloponnese: wild camping

winter_wildTaking the idea from a discussion on an Italian motorhomers forum about spending the winter in Greece, I decided to take advantage of the Christmas holidays to take a tour in the Peloponnese and experience firsthand if this option makes sense or not. I visited three known spots for wild camping and three campsites. Let’s start with the first…

NafplionNafplionNafplionLet me start by saying that Greece in winter is not comparable by any means to warmer places like Morocco. During my trip along the coast of the Peloponnese, the temperature inside the camper has never exceeded the 23/24 degrees, on the other hand, the heating set on 10 degrees at night and 15 during the day did never turn on.
It rained a lot, but almost always at night and with frequent blue sky and sunshine during the day. In general the rain did not create us any problems.
The first place where we stopped was Nafplion, in the large, peaceful parking lot at the port [37.56816,22.80085]. With great surprise I realized that there are more parked motorhomes during the winter than in summer! It is a fact that it is an ideal location, close to a beautiful and very busy town even out of season. Mild climate, wide choice of shops and a supermarket for supplies. Ability to load and discharge the tanks just a few kilometers away at Karathona beach [37.54534,22.82165] where, if you want to change the landscape you can also safely stop to sleep for some nights. If you have an urgent need of electricity or to make a washing machine you can go to the ‘near’ campsite Iria Beach, 23km to the south.
Above view from the window of our campervan.

On the left, the characteristic Bourtzi, symbol of Nafplion.

Below, view of Argos and its castle from the port of Nafplion.
Below left, the drain for chemical toilets on the beach Karathona [37.54251,22.82364], it is not easy to find unless you know what you’re looking for!
On the right, the system for solar panels that I have seen used by many so to make better use of the very oblique rays of the winter sun.
Nafplion, KarathonaNafplion

EliaEliaRecommended by a French motorhomer we met in Nafplion, we made our second stop on the beach Kokkinia [36.79862,22.78333] on the road to Neapolis. It seems it is one of the warmest places the Peloponnese. In fact, in the morning at 8 am, before the sun came out we had 14 degrees in the car. We only stayed one night, in the company of 4 other motorhomes, here also you can easily load and discharge the tanks. For your shopping you need to go 4 kilometers to Glykovrissi or seven Elea, while in case of need the closest camp site is Gythion Bay which is located about 40 kilometers.
Above two nice DIY solutions to make your life easier
Below, the beautiful beach of Kokkinia

Continuing toward Gythion we passed from the famous shipwreck beach and although there was a motorhome complete with clothes hanging out to dry, the rain had turned the parking space into a huge muddy puddle, same problem also in the case of the famous beach of Voidokilia!
The last stopover on the coast of the Peloponnese we made was at Kalò Nerò [37.29704,21.69503] in the company, this time, of a single Dutch RV. Here we did not find services, the only shower on the beach did not work, but the location is great and the town is within walking distance.
Kalo Nero

In conclusion, for those not seeking for summer hot, the Peloponnese is definitely an interesting winter destination, with bearable temperatures, where you can wild camp safely and hassle free. It also has a lot to see along the way, actually winter is definitely the best season to visit the archaeological sites avoiding the crowds and the heat of summer.

Enlatge Map

Chur, capital of Graubünden
Winter in the Peloponnese: camp sites
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