Kythira, coast and beaches

kythera_allAn overview on the beaches of Kythira, the most beautiful are usually difficult to reach with large vehicles and in any case you’ll have to drive most of the times stretches if of dirt road, but it is usually worth it.

Most beautiful beaches are on the east coast of the island and with few exceptions, to reach them can be an adventure. Below I will give a few details and pictures of those which we were able to visit, clockwise starting from the port of arrival of the ferry.

KythiraDiakofti [N 36.263307, E 23.078537]
Crystal clear water, sandy beach, the spectacle of the wreck in front. A beautiful beach, where it is definitely worth it doing at least the last swim before embarking :)

KythiraAvlemonas [N 36.228281, E 23.08137]
This is not a beach but a very Cycladic village, with a small castle on the sea and and beautiful waters.
Arriving in town you should not try to get to the sea with the motorhome, better take the periferic road to avoid bottlenecks and park in the lot indicated (see map)
[N 36.227597, E 23.083158]

KythiraPaleopoli [N 36.223504, E 23.060236]
Coming from Avlemonas, you meet this long beach, at the beginning of which there is a convenient chemical WC and parking possibilities. At the end of the beach, where a sign indicates an archaeological site, you approach the tunnel that is the real attraction of the place.

KythiraKaladi [N 36.211039, E 23.052359]
A dream beach, relatively easy to reach. Follow the signs from the paved road and take the concrete road about one kilometer long, arrived at the church it begins a decent dirt road for a few hundred meters. Once at the villas leave it and walk the 300 meters that separate from the stairway (154 steps) leading to the beach.

KythiraKombonada [N 36.188945, E 23.045059]
Beautiful beach, easily accessible even if the road is narrow and with a lot of up and down. Organized, with a small bar open from 10 am to about 20:00, umbrellas cost € 6, with two deck chairs. Also good for overnight stay.

KythiraVourlea [N 36.134825, E 23.046932]
A small cove, very quiet and not difficult to reach. For largeer vehicles it can be a big problem to do a U turn if there are other cars parked.

KythiraChalkos [N 36.13479, E 23.03517]
Very nice beach, equipped with a small bar, only 800 meters of dirty road (bad) to reach it and with ample parking, also great for an overnight stay, but … during the day the noise of the generator of the bar at the top of the parking lot is unbearable during the day, if you manage to park close to the beach, the situation clearly improves.

KythiraMelidoni [N 36.160954, E 22.947669]
Nearly three kilometers of dirt roads in bad shape. The beach is a paradise and with the possibility to park and stay overnight, although there is a faded sign forbidding it. Do this if you have no problems to mistreat your vehicle or use a motorcycle. In the photo the first part of the path, narrow but at least paved!

KythiraPlatia Ammos [N 36.365872, E 22.960301]
Beach not exciting, but easily accessible and with plenty of room for parking and stopping. Convenient public toilet for drainage.

KythiraFourni [N 36.354571, E 22.966724]
Much prettier than Platia Ammos, with a bar on the beach with a generator, but it is quite bearable. Possible to stay overnight but you have to drive two kilometers of very bad dirt road to get there.

KythiraAgia Pelagia [N 36.325879, E 22.983589]
Here, too, the beach is not the best, but decent, on the other hand the village is very nice and quiet, no dirt roads to get there, great place to stop when you are tired of being alone, public WC near the pier to empty the cassette, tap water and Wi-Fi.


KythiraFiri Ammos [N 36.311978, E 22.999254]
Beach just south of Agia Pelagia, wild and with the peculiarity of having red sand. Easily accessible and plenty of parking.

KythiraKaki Lagada [N 36.30852, E 23.003631]
And to top it off, where the gorge of Paleochora reaches the sea, it creates this beautiful beach, you will find it at the end of the dirt road that goes from Firi Ammo.

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Kythira, Chora and Kapsali
Kythira, the inland
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2 thoughts on “Kythira, coast and beaches

  1. Vourlea [N 36.134825, E 23.046932]
    A small cove, very quiet and not difficult to reach. For largeer vehicles it can be a big problem to do a U turn if there are other cars parked…..

    Do you think a fiat Ducato can do it?


    • hi Michel, yes it will be easy to get there, but there is very little space to park and turn around, so it really depends on how lucky you are 😉

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