Pasta a la grecque


We take advantage of our presence in Greece to try new flavors combining the Greek with the Italian cuisine. The result is Italian-inspired dishes made with locally sourced products that are easy to find almost everywhere in Greece. It is definitely worth a try given that there are simple recipes, ideal for the limited space of our RV kitchens! Read more



Crete: bio delicacies next to Archanes

Crete, Koutoulakis Estate
archanesAfter the very positive experience we had with the wine tasting procedure in Toplou monastery, we decided to enrich our knowledge about Cretan wine. Thus we moved inland heading to Peza, the main wine-producing region of Crete. We thought…what’s better than to visit the oldest winery of the island? It turned out to be not that good idea. Fortunately, our visit to a nearby family run olive oil mill was highly rewarding. There is no bad without the good!

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Crete: Moni Toplou, a monastery to be tasted

Crete, Moni Toplou
vaiOn your way to Vai it is almost impossible to miss it. It looks like a fortress but it is a monastery, one of the wealthiest in Crete. In fact most of the land as far as the eye can see, it belongs to Moni Toplou as it is known informally the monastery. It possesses masterpieces of religious art too and it is incredibly well preserved. If these are still not enough to convince you for a visit, consider that they produce (and they sell) excellent products.

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